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Current Job                                                                                    Quality Review Specialist 20.00/hr

Quality Review Specialist $20.00/hr 

The Ron Wilson Center,  “Enhancing the Personal Lives of the Individuals We Support”.

The Quality Review Specialist (QR Specialist) is a mid-level hourly non-exempt position responsible for reviewing all pertinent records, paperwork, documentation for Ron Wilson Center Residential, DSA and Supported Living locations on a regular and consistent schedule. The QR Specialist is supervised by the QA and Development Coordinator. The QR Specialist stays current with policies and procedures, safety, financial, and medical requirements, operating rules, OAR’s, and all expectations of on-site preparations. The QR Specialist also assists with the training and implementation of corrections and pertinent information and monitoring Therap. The QR Specialist will be cross trained, assist with on-call, Therap, and will work with House Managers, Service Managers, Coordinators, and Medication Specialist. The QR Specialist IS responsible for being at a variety of locations and responsible to write reports, follow-up for completion of reports, communicate with departments, and assist in further training as needed.

The Ron Wilson Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer.   We are a non-profit agency and are currently accepting applications for the position of Quality Review Specialist. $20.00/hr .  

Insurance Premium is paid 100% for the employee by the Ron Wilson Center.

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