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Current Job                                                                                                       House Manager 21.00/hr
House Manager base salary plus an opportunity of up to 20hrs of additional paid overtime at time and a half.  Flexible schedules with work-from-home options. 
The House Manager position is a mid-level management salaried, exempt supervisory position.  The House Manager continues learning the agency policies, procedures, and practices, its operating rules, and the expectations of a supervisor while managing the daily operations of a site (or sites) within the Ron Wilson Center organization.  The House Manager will supervise the Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) as well as the Individuals being supported within the identified location(s).  The House Manager oversees the daily life activities of clients ensuring their health and safety through the supportive efforts of management and DSPs.   House Managers are responsible for DSP schedules, training and implementation of Individual Support Plans (ISPs); supports Positive Behavior Support Plans (PBSPs); budgeting and money management; overseeing the Individuals’ medical needs and emergency response.  The House Manager is present, conducts and advocates for the clients in various meetings, i.e., ISP’s, county meetings, on-sites, agency meetings, etc.  Qualified applicants are at least 18, have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent, a current driver’s license, approval to work after a background check through the State of Oregon, excellent driving record, and proof of insurance. 

Application, Letter of Interest, and Resume.  Submit to Human Resources on or before 3/9/2022 by 5:00pm.

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